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IEC 60870-5-101 Slave Network Interface Module for CompactLogix


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The MVI69-101S IEC 60870-5-101 Slave Communication Module allows CompactLogixTM and MicroLogixTM 1500 LRP processors to interface easily with IEC 60870-5-101 protocol compatible hosts.

The MVI69-101S module is the fastest and easiest way to add IEC 60870-5-101 protocol interface support to the CompactLogix and MicroLogix 1500 LRPplatforms. It is a single-slot, backplane compatible solution. It also has two powerful and highly configurable redundant IEC 60870-5-101 slave ports,allowing the many SCADA and field devices supporting the IEC protocol to be integrated into the CompactLogix and MicroLogix 1500 platforms.

Funktionen und Vorteile

Licensed Backplane Technology

  • Manufactured under license from Rockwell Automation
  • Installs as a Generic 1769 module; sample ladder logic included
  • View module data and status in RSLogix 5000 controller tags and UDTs

IEC 60870-5-101 slave protocol interface

  • The module has two powerful and highly configurable slave ports, allowing the manySCADA and field devices supporting the IEC-101 protocol to be integrated with the processor
  • The module acts as an input/output module between the IEC-101 telecontrol network and the processor
  • The data transfer from the processor is asynchronous from the actions on the network
  • A 5000-word register space in the module exchanges data between the processor and the telecontrol network 

ProSoft Configuration Builder software included

  • Graphical drag-and-drop configuration tool for simple module configuration
  • Easy-to-use diagnostics window with menu-driven hardware and protocol diagnostics
  • View module database contents through serial connection to a desktop PC

Backed by ProSoft Technology

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  • Free, unlimited, worldwide Technical Support by phone for pre-sale, set-up, ortroubleshooting support helps you get going sooner and stay running longer
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Technische Daten

  • Single Slot - 1769 backplane compatible
  • The module is recognized as an Input/Output module and has access to processor memory for data transfer between processor and module
  • Ladder Logic is used for data transfer between module and processor. Sample ladder file included.
  • Configuration data obtained from configuration text file downloaded to module. Sample configuration file included.
  • Supports all CompactLogix processors: L20/L23/L30/L31/L32/L35, L43 and L45 (L43 and L45 supported with RSLogix 5000 v16.03 or later)
  • Also supports MicroLogix 1500 LRP





Standard 1769 Single-slot module

Current Load

800 mA max @ 5 VDC
Power supply distance rating of 2 (L43 and L45 installations on first 2 slots of 1769 bus)

Operating Temp.

32° F to 140° F (0° C to 60° C)

Storage Temp.

-40° F to 185° F (-40° C to 85° C)

Relative Humidity

5% to 95% (without condensation)

LED Indicators

Battery and Module Status

Application Status

Serial Port Activity

CFG Port Activity

CFG Port (CFG)

RJ45 (DB-9F with supplied cable)

RS-232 only

No hardware handshaking

App Ports (P1,P2) (Serial modules)

RS-232, RS-485 or RS-422 (jumper selectable)

RJ45 (DB-9F with supplied cable)

RS-232 handshaking configurable

500 V Optical isolation from backplane

Shipped with Unit

RJ45 to DB-9M cables for each port

6-foot RS-232 configuration Cable


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