ProSoft Technology® Offers PROFIBUS DPV1 Master Connectivity with Hot Standby for Quantum / Unity

ProSoft Technology’s PROFIBUS DPV1 Master Modules (PTQ-PDPMV1) are able to access field data from up to 125 PROFIBUS DP slaves directly over the backplane. Now with its latest enhancements the module introduces users to an even wider range of benefits the added security and reliability of Hot Standby functionality and the interoperability from Field Device Tool (FDT) and Device Type Manager (DTM) technology.

The PTQ-PDPMV1 module with Hot Standby functionality allows a PROFIBUS network to be controlled by two Schneider Electric (Model SE 140 671 CPU) Quantum/Unity processors. The redundancy creates a backup so that should the primary power source fail the secondary module will switch into primary mode in under 300 miliseconds, making the module ideal for applications where it is crucial to eliminate the risk of downtime.
Per Carl Henning of Profibus Trade Organization, “We’ve had big segment growth due mainly to Profibus’ strengths in factory automation, safety applications, drives and motion control. These applications use PLCs and ProSoft’s ability to add Hot Standby (or automation failover) capability is an additional feature that will be helpful in these and other applications.”
Another recent upgrade to the module was the addition of the support for independent Field Device Tool (FDT) and Device Type Manager (DTM) technology. FDT provides a standardized interface between systems and field devices, simplifying configuration, and assisting in asset management.
N ew Features of the PTQ-PDPMV1 with Hot Standby


  • Support for the SE 140 671 CPU, using UnityPro XL
  • Adheres to the Unity HEC Hot Standby Functional Specifications
  • Diagnostic and status words are provided for Active Primary and Passive Secondary master health status
  • PROFIBUS switchover time in less than or equal to 300 miliseconds
  • Cable break detection with segmented network slave quantity information
  • PROFIBUS health messages are generated from secondary master via FDL ping services
  • No setup parameters required. Module automatically detects Hot Standby system
  • New Mailbox Messaging Function blocks
  • Support of separate data types for Mailbox Messaging, Status and Cyclic data
  • New sample processor files for xfm and xsy file types
  • PROFIBUS DPV1 Master FDT (Field Device Tool) communication DTM (comDTM) software
  • New ProSoft Technology Configuration Builder (PCB) Readme files
  • The firmware is flash-upgradeable


Featured Benefits


  • Allows slave messaging, diagnostics/alarm handling, & notification
  • Supports PROFIBUS PA slaves on the network through DP/PA coupler or link
  • Supports PROFIdrive 3.1 compliant parameter read and write operations
  • Supports Sync and Freeze commands
  • Supports Multicast and Broadcast telegrams (DPV1)
  • Configuration of 1536 bytes and output Cyclic Data
  • The module is built on Siemens ASIC ASPC2 Step E with Infineon C165 Microprocessor