Terminated Radiating Cable

2.4 GHz Terminated Radiating Cable


The ProSoft Technology RCL50-50-xxxM Radiating Cable is specially designed to radiate 802.11g and 802.11n RF signals operating in the spread spectrum 2.4 GHz band.

Acting as a long, flexible antenna, the Radiating Cable may be installed along monorail systems, overhead cranes and through tunnels to propagate wireless data signals in situations tough for traditional antenna systems.

The cable is pre-terminated with N-Female connectors saving time during installation. It also includes the proper number and type of hangers to facilitate your installation. It is available in multiple lengths to meet the needs of your application.

Specially tested with ProSoft Technology 802.11 Fast Industrial Hotspots utilizing Fast Roam Technology, the Radiating Cable product line offers reliable and flexible options in challenging RF environments.


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Funktionen und Vorteile

  • Special coaxial shield design uses slots to radiate RF signals which acts like a long, flexible antenna to solve challenging RF situations
  • Supports 2.4 GHz RF band wireless technologies, optimized for 802.11g and 802.11n wireless LAN systems
  • Pre-terminated with N female connectors to save time during installation
  • Includes the proper number and type of hangers for easy installation
  • Halogen-free low smoke flame retardant jacket meets most fire code requirements (check with local regulations)

Technische Daten


1.27 cm (0.5 in)

Frequency Range

Up to 2.9 GHz


Two (2) N-Female jack


Halogen-free low smoke flame retardant

Slot Design

Groups of slots at short intervals

Indication of Slot Alignment

Sheath marking (180º)


50 Ohm

Typical Attenuation
900 MHz
2.4 GHz

7.32 dB/100 m (2.22 dB/100 ft)
14.71 dB/100 m (4.47 dB/100 ft)

Velocity Ratio



76 pF/m

Dielectric Material

Cellular polyethylene

Diameter Inner Conductor

4.8 mm (0.19 in)

Diameter Dielectric

12.4 mm (0.49 in)

Diameter over Jacket

15.5 mm (0.61 in)

Minimum Bending Radius (single bend)

200 mm (7.87 in)

Recommended Hanger/Clamp Interval

One per meter (3.3 ft)

Storage Temperature

-70 to +85ºC (-94 to +185ºF)

Installation Temperature

-25 to +60ºC (-13 to +140ºF)

Operating Temperature

-40 to +85ºC (-40 to +185ºF)


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