IEC 61850 Client Communication Module for ControlLogix


The ProSoft Technology® IEC 61850 communication module allows Rockwell Automation® ControlLogix® PACs to interface with IEC 61850 Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED) such as substation power monitors and protective relays. The module operates as an IEC 61850 Client supporting the polling of devices using MMS messaging and reports. Additionally, support for GOOSE messaging as both a publisher and subscriber allows for fast data transfer between devices on an IEC 61850 network.

The dual Ethernet ports on the module provide support for Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP), and the module supports IEEE C37.238-2017 Power Profile for precision time synchronization of field devices.


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Funktionen und Vorteile

  • Support for up to 40 IEC 61850 Server devices on the network.
  • Support for MMS, MMS Reports, GOOSE publisher, GOOSE subscriber, and control functions on an IEC 61850 Network.
  • Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) supported for Ethernet redundancy with compatible devices.
  • Time synchronization based on Precision Time Protocol (PTP) support per C37.238-2017 standard (ordinary and boundary clock mode supported).
  • The supplied configuration software enables you to import all of your relevant IED tags into your Logix® controller tag database, reducing configuration time and errors.
  • Up to 225 I/O connections to the ControlLogix® processor providing large amounts of data to transfer in a real-time environment.
  • Standards-based identification of device types simplifies implementation and maintenance.


Configuration is accomplished through a custom Add-On Profile for Studio 5000™ that launches the MVI56E-61850C Configuration Manager software, which can be downloaded from our website, The configuration utility automatically creates data tags and Add-On Instruction to be used in ControlLogix® 1756-L8x processors with Studio 5000 version 32 and greater and brings the data over as configured using the tag name of the device in the IEC 61850 network. This intuitive configuration utility saves the user valuable time and effort when building Rockwell Automation® projects with IEC 61850 devices on the network.

Technische Daten

Specifications - IEC 61850



Supported Standard

IEC 61850 Ed 2.0

Maximum Number of IEDs


Supported Reports

Buffered Report Control Block (BRCB)
Unbuffered Report Control Block (URCB)



Maximum Number of Reports per IED



GOOSE Subscription
GOOSE Publish

Maximum Number of GOOSE
Subscription per IED


Maximum Number of GOOSE


Maximum Number of Tags per IED


Maximum Number of Tags



Status available per node
Report and GOOSE status available
High-level status data available within Studio 5000

Backplane Specifications




Maximum Number of Class 1 Connections


Maximum Number of Class 1 High Priority Connections


High Priority Connection RPI Range

[4..9,999] ms

Normal Priority Connection RPI Range

[100..9,999] ms

Maximum Class 1 Connection Input Size

500 bytes

Maximum Class 1 Connection Output Size

496 bytes


Time Synchronization Specifications




Time Synchronization Standard                                                         


Supported Modes                                                  

Ordinary Clock, Boundary Clock




Backplane Current Load

1.4 A @ 5.1 VDC

Operating Temperature
IEC 60068-2-1 (Test Ad, Operating Cold)
IEC 60068-2-2 (Test Bd, Operating Dry Heat)
IEC 60068-2-14 (Test Nb, Operating Thermal Shock)

-25 to 60⁰C (Series C Chassis)
-25 to 50⁰C (Series B Chassis)

Temperature, non-operating
IEC 60068-2-1 (Test Ab, Unpackaged Cold)
IEC 60068-2-2 (Test Bb, Unpackaged Dry Heat)
IEC 60068-2-14 (Test Na, Unpackaged Thermal Shock)

-40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)

Relative Humidity
IEC 60068-2-30 (Test Db, Unpackaged Damp Heat)

5…95% noncondensing

IEC 60068-2-6 (Test Fc, Operating)

2g @ 10…500 Hz

Shock, operating
IEC 60068-2-27 (Test Ea, Unpackaged Shock)


Shock, non-operating
IEC 60068-2-27 (Test Ea, Unpackaged Shock)



IEC 61000-6-4

ESD immunity
IEC 61000-4-2

4 kV contact discharges
8 kV air discharges

Radiated RF immunity
IEC 61000-4-3

10V/m with 1 kHz sine-wave 80% AM from 80…2000 MHz
10V/m with 1 kHz sine-wave 80% AM from 2000…2700 MHz

EFT/B immunity
IEC 61000-4-4

+/- 2 kV at 5 kHz on Ethernet ports

Surge transient immunity
IEC 61000-4-5

+/- 2 kV line-earth (CM) on Ethernet ports

Conducted RF immunity
IEC 61000-4-6

10V rms with 1 kHz sine-wave 80% AM from 150 kHz…80 MHz

Ethernet Ports (E1, E2)

(2) GbE RJ45 Connector Link and Activity LED indicators


Standard 1756 Single-slot module


CB Safety 504,75 kB Zuletzt geändert 06.10.2021
ATEX Letter of Conformity 101,65 kB Zuletzt geändert 12.05.2022
Certification UL/cUL; Class 1, Div 2 254,58 kB Zuletzt geändert 06.10.2021
Country Approval - Australia 185,51 kB Zuletzt geändert 31.08.2021
IEC 61850 Certification 4,19 MB Zuletzt geändert 23.12.2021
Country Approval - Eurasian Customs Union Conformity (EAC) (Wired) 1,92 MB Zuletzt geändert 10.07.2020
Declaration of REACH Compliance 134,07 kB Zuletzt geändert 20.05.2022
Declaration of Conformity (RoHS/CE) 136,60 kB Zuletzt geändert 20.01.2023