AN-X-GENI, EtherNet/IP to GE Genius Gateway

EtherNet/IP to GE Genius Gateway (AN-X2-GENI)


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The EtherNet/IP™ to GE Genius™ gateway allows an Allen-Bradley® Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) to control GE Genius I/O devices. This gateway allows a phased migration approach to be used when upgrading or replacing GE Genius based 90-30™ and 90-70™controllers. The gateway provides automatic creation of the Genius scan list and generates the associated RSLogix™ 5000 tags reducing engineering effort. Monitor mode allows verification of your conversion logic using live I/O data without impacting the running legacy system. Once the new PAC is commissioned the legacy I/O can be upgraded one module or one rack at a time as scheduled downtime is available. This gateway minimizes the risk of excessive downtime when upgrading legacy control systems.


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Technische Daten

General Features:

  • Configures through a web browser (No special configuration software required)
  • Customizable configuration files provide additional flexibility
  • Supports offline configuration through a .CSV file
  • Monitor mode enables testing and verification of PAC logic before controlling physical I/O, reducing the risk of production loss due to programming errors
  • View diagnostics with a web browser enabling remote monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Micro SD card backs up configuration files - Can be transferred to the unit to minimize downtime in the event of a disaster

GE Genius Bus Features:

  • Supports sending and receiving Global Data on the Genius Network
  • Supports baud rates: 38.4, 76.8, and 153.6 Kbps (Standard and Extended)
  • Configurable bus address
  • Auto-Configuration feature discovers and maps up to 31 Genius Blocks of I/O [Online]

EtherNet/IP Features:

  • Supports up to 16 I/O connections for real time control
  • Supports multicast and unicast connections
  • Each connection can have a unique RPI from 2 to 750 mSec allowing the prioritization of I/O data
  • Auto-Configuration feature maps the discovered GE I/O points into tags in the PAC controller
  • Diagnostic data can be mapped into PAC memory making this data available to HMIs


Hardware Specifications




1 RJ45 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port
1 Phoenix 5-pin GE Genius Bus connector
1 Phoenix 3-pin power connector

Typical Power Consumption

200 mA @ 12 VDC or 100 mA @ 24 VDC

Maximum Power Dissapation


Operating Temp

32°F to 122°F (0 ºC to 50 ºC)

Storage Temperature

-40°F to 185°F (-40 ºC to 85 ºC)


4.18 x 4.97 x 1.33 in
107 x 126 x 34 mm


5% to 95% RH, with no condensation

Desktop use or DIN Rail Mountable


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