IEC 60870-5 Interfaces for Multiple Platforms

ProSoft Technology offers a full range of protocol conversion modules and stand-alone gateways for IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-103 and IEC 60870-5-104 protocols. The IEC 60870-5 protocol was designed for telecontrol/SCADA applications, where controllers (PLCs, variable speed drives, etc.) and their relative devices (sensors, transmitters, motors, field instruments, etc.) are distributed in large areas, making these modules the ideal solution for many applications where IEC 60870-5 connectivity needs to be added to an existing network. Typical applications for this protocol include power distribution, water treatment, lighting systems for highways, etc.

Originally developed for the Power Utility industry, the IEC 60870-5 protocols are very similar in function to DNP 3.0. Both protocols are capable of acting as a Master or Slave and offer "Report by Exceptio" functionality and dating of events (time stamping).
 Report by Exception allows slave units the possibility to "respond without having been requested." In a classical master/slave scheme, a master polls the slaves one after the other, according to a previously defined sequence or according to specific needs. With IEC 60870-5, slaves also have the possibility to initiate the transaction should a variable change.
 Dating events with time tags allows the user to trace the first default appearing in cascade and is crucial in applications requiring real-time data.
 Other features include:


  •  Available as in-chassis modules for Allen-Bradley's ControlLogix, SLC and PLC platforms, Schneider Electric's Quantum and Unity platforms as well as stand-alone, DIN-rail mounted gateways.
  •  Module memory usage that is completely user definable.
  •  Configuration accomplished with user generated text file that is downloaded to the module.
  •  Protocol implementation conforms to the IEC60870-5 specification and parameters are fully configurable by the user.


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