New ProLinx EtherNet/IP to CC-Link Gateway

ProSoft Technology adds a new protocol to its product line with Mitsubishi’s CC-Link (Control & Communication Link), a fast and reliable open fieldbus. The first product in this series, to be released at the 2007 Rockwell Automation Fair, is the ProLinx EtherNet/IP to CC-Link communication gateway. CC-Link is known for being highly robust and offering precise performance at fast operating speeds. As such it has been widely adopted in the Asian marketplace and seen heavy advances in Europe and North America. With the EtherNet/IP to CC-Link gateway, Rockwell Automation users can integrate any of the over eight-hundred available types of CC-Link compatible products with any Rockwell Automation platform.

About CC-Link
The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) reports that they now have over nine-hundred members and over four-million installed CC-Link nodes in the marketplace. It is used in a number of industries beginning with automotive where it was first created by Mitsubishi, and now can be found in industries such as pharmaceutical, semi-conductors, material handling, automatic transfer systems and food production lines. CC-Link devices have been adopted in a number of machine, cell, motion control, or process control applications because of its speed and accuracy. Devices include robots, drives, valve manifolds, temperature controllers, mass flow controllers and servos. The EtherNet/IP to CC-Link gateway emulates a slave on the network and is able to read data from the CC-Link network at local stations then move the data to another (EtherNet/IP) network. For Intelligent Device stations, the gateway connects non-CC-Link devices to a CC-Link network.

  • RS485 high-speed service
  • User defined speeds ranging from 156 kbps to 10 Mbps
  • Support for up to four occupied stations
  • Frame Synchronization and Broadcast Polling Systems
  • 5 independent TCP server sockets permit remote clients to interact with all data contained in the module
  • Messaging: PCCC on CIP; Explicit Messaging supported
  • Error Correction System

The EtherNet/IP to CC-Link ProLinx Gateway comes with a one year warranty.