Optimize Oil Production with ProSoft Technology’s Enhanced Automated Flow Computer for ControlLogix

Bakersfield, Calif., April 20, 2016 – ProSoft Technology’s new Enhanced Flow Computer for ControlLogix® systems helps users optimize their oil production and simplify their operation.

MVI56E-AFC Architecture Drawing

The liquid and gas flow computer allows many customers to use a single in-chassis module and avoid the multiple RTUs and standalone flow computers that used to be the norm on multi-well paid sites. This solution helps users decrease their support and maintenance costs, as well as their capital spend. When using this setup, users can also take advantage of Rockwell Automation’s distributed I/O capability and ProSoft Technology’s wireless radios to reduce wiring to transmitters and I/O devices.


The enhanced flow computer meets many industry standards and allows for remote configuration and diagnostics via Ethernet, helping users save time. ProSoft Technology’s free EAFC Manager software is available for setup, configuration, and monitoring.


Visit http://psft.com/BLT to find out more about ProSoft Technology’s integrated flow computer solutions.