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How to enable Modbus commands in MVI46-MNETC

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MNETC and MBTCP products use a bit array to each command in each client. In the case of the MVI46-MNETC, each 16 bit register in N50:21 through N50-50 of our sample logic contains the bits to enable or disable the 16 available commands in the 30 clients.


Client-0 enable Command bits are in N50:21, MSB xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx LSB.

Client-1 enable Command bits are in N50:22, -//-

Client-29 enable Command bits are in N50:50, -//-

Most users will find it helpful to view this with the radix set to binary.

After manipulating these bits, triggering block 6000 the command enable data to the module. B3:0/4 would trigger this in our sample logic.