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When configuring Siemens ET200M slave (possible other complex PROFIBUS slaves), 1. PDPM master failed to read PT100 AI inputs. 2. Sycon software failed to configure slave parameters, error messages we

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"error reading user param data!" ProLinx PROFIBUS DPV0 master all PDPM SYCON EDT200M revision 4, 5 and 6000 series v2.65 and earlier

1. it was necessary to upgrade PROFIBUS master configuration software Sycon v2.71 and earlier to Sycon 2.91.The new version will not be ProSoftized. It has been decided to epedite DPV1 master release using PCB master configuration software. PDPMV1 target release scheduled 2nd quarter 2006.


2.The new Sycon v2.91 software has replaced the Sycon v2.71 software on the distribution CD effective 1-12-06.


3.Sales and pre-sales are advised to consider exchanging the DPV0 master for DPV1 units as an option due to the fact an important account would be required to use two different PROFIBUS master configuration software, and prevent the continued use of HMS Sycon version software.


4. There will not be any conversion utility to migrate users from Sycon based network configuration to PCB network configurations. Sales may consider assistance to help with the new network configuration...