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IEC 61850 GOOSE message to GE relay

In the configuration of the GOOSE message for the IEC-61850 protocol on a GE relay, it is necessary to configure the GOOSE message to go to the GOOSE MAC address, rather than the actual MAC address of the relay. Attached is a screen capture showing the configuration scr...

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Issue importing ICD device template file into the 61850 Configuration manager

When using a .ICD file to configure devices on an IEC 61850 network there are potential issues in importing the file into the 61850 Configuration Manager software.  There are a couple of things to look at. 1)       The configuration tool ac...

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Why are MMS Reports not working?

If MMS reports are not working with a ProSoft IEC 61850 client gateway please review the following points, as the most common reasons are listed below:1.Mismatch between the IEC 61850 client and server configuration: verify that the report configuration loaded in the Server and t...

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