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What are Coldboot and Warmboot used for?

Warmboot is a software reset of the module that also causes the unit to reload its configuration.Coldboot is a hardware reset of the module which has the same effect of powercycling the module.In-Chassis modules which are configured via ladder logic must be reset before the confi...

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How can I get new or replacement 1756-MVI modules with the Allen-Bradley COMPLI protocol?

ProSoft Technology does not sell nor directly support any 1756-MVI modules that have COMPLI protocol installed. This protocol is still available from Allen-Bradley through their affiliate, GMS, in Sweden. For further information and technical support on 1756-MVI modules with the ...

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What are the dimensions of an In-Chassis ControlLogix I/O card?

In-Chassis ControlLogix modules occupy 1 slot in the chassis.  It has the same dimensions as an Allen Bradley ControlLogix processor or I/O card.Attached are drawings with the dimensions....

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How do I completely remove a ProSoft Add-On Instruction (AOI) from a RSLogix5000 project?

When a ProSoft AOI is initially installed, the User-Defined Data Types (UDT's), controller tags, and AOI logic is imported into the existing program.  You will need to remove these in a certain order:1.  Delete the ProSoft card from the I/O configuration in Slot X.2.&nb...

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