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FlexI/O adapter compatibility for MVI94-GSC

Tested through 1794-ACN15 to ControlNet - Yes Tested through 1794-ADN to DeviceNet - Yes Not tested through 1794-AENT to Ethernet/IP Not tested through 1794-ASB to RIO ...

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What Flex I/O Adapters have the MVI94 Modules been tested with?

The ProSoft MVI94 modules have been tested with the following adapters and platforms: 1794-ACN15 (ControlNet) PLC5, ControlLogix, SLC 500 1794-AENT (Ethernet) 1794-AENTR (Ethernet) 1794-ASB (RIO) PLC5, ControlLogix, SLC 500 1794-ADN (DeviceNet), PLC5, CompactLogix, SLC 500 ...

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Can I use the MVI94 modules with a FlexLogix processor?

Yes. The FlexLogix line of processor can be used to control the ProSoft MVI94 modules....

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Do ProSoft MVI94 modules come supplied with a base unit?

Yes, all ProSoft MVI94 modules come supplied with a Flex I/O base unit....

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Why do I have a yellow question mark in the RSWho window or in RSNetworx for my Flex module?

The following EDS file is designed for modules using 8 words input and 7 words output which is the case for all ProSoft MVI94 products.If you are writing your own C application using the MVI94-ADM module, then different I/O configurations can be used.All MVI94 products...

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The MiniDIN8-to-DB9 adapter cables provided with MVI94 solutions have a 'disconnect-safe spring' feature. What does this mean?

The MiniDIN8-to-DB9M adapter cables provided with MVI94 solutions have a 'disconnect-safe spring' mechanism built into the Mini-DIN connector.  This means you have to grab the connector and pull back the spring before the adapter plug can be removed from the jack.&...

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How do I flash my MVI94 module?

Follow the procedure in the following document: < flash mvi94>..Related Keywords: MVI94 flashprocedureFlex I/O upgrade program...

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How can I determine what hardware BIOS is installed on my MVI94?

Please use the following procedure:1 - Power down the MVI94.2 - Remove it from the base.3 - Place the Setup jumper to short both pins, as shown in the diagram on the side of the module.4 - Re-install it into the base; but do not power it up yet.5 - Start up Windows HyperTerminal ...

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