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How can I determine what hardware BIOS is installed on my MVI94?

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Please use the following procedure:

1 - Power down the MVI94.

2 - Remove it from the base.

3 - Place the Setup jumper to short both pins, as shown in the diagram on the side of the module.

4 - Re-install it into the base; but do not power it up yet.

5 - Start up Windows HyperTerminal (or any other terminal emulation software you wish to use.)

6 - Configure your port settings in the terminal program for 19200 baud, No Parity, 8 Data Bits, 1 Stop Bit, No Flow Control.

7 - Connect to PRT1 with an adapter and null-modem cable, just as you would to upload/download the Configuration file.

8 - Now, power up the MVI94 and closely observe the terminal screen text. You will see information that will look similar to what you might see on a personal computer screen as it boots up to DOS.

9 - Look for the text, "MVI BIOS X.XX", where X.XX will be the BIOS version number.

10 - Once you determine this information, you will need to power down the MVI94 and move the Setup jumper back to its original position on just one pin to reset the module for normal operation.