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The MiniDIN8-to-DB9 adapter cables provided with MVI94 solutions have a 'disconnect-safe spring' feature. What does this mean?

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The MiniDIN8-to-DB9M adapter cables provided with MVI94 solutions have a 'disconnect-safe spring' mechanism built into the Mini-DIN connector.  This means you have to grab the connector and pull back the spring before the adapter plug can be removed from the jack.  Since the ports point straight down and the cable hangs from the port, the 'disconnect-safe spring' helps the plug 'grab' the ports and this keeps the plug from inadvertently dropping out of the port due to the weight of the adapter cable.

However, the tension keeping the plug in the jack is rated to the point that it will pervent only the adapter cable itself from disconnecting from the port.  The tension is not sufficient to support any additional type of cable stress or adapter weight that may be attached to the cable. 

It is strongly recommended that the customer take the appropriate measures to secure the adapter cable to the port for any installation where the cable may be put under additional stress or weight.  Normally the customer can tie wrap our MiniDIN8-to-DB9M  adapter cable to the bottom of the MVI94 base, and this will provide a secure fastening point.  

We do not have a datasheet for the adapter cable, nor any specifications as to the disconnect-safe abilities of the cable; and we recommend that this connector be properly secured if additonal cable stress is anticipated.