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I cannot access my ICX30 via the Internet

Make sure that you purchase a cell plan through your preferred provider, that is either GSM or CDMA.  When purchasing your plan, make sure you request a public static IP address, if possible.  If they do not provide static IP addresses, it is still possible to access th...

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I just powered up my ICX30-HWC, how do I access it?

To connect to the ICX30-HWC for initial configuration, you can use the Prosoft Discovery Service software to discover the module, and assign it a temporary IP address that is compatible with your existing network.  The default IP address of the ICX30-HWC is

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What kind of radio frequencies does ProSoft offer?

ProSoft offers 900MHz, 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and Cellular (GSM/CDMA) frequency solutions...

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