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They can only discover my first BACnet point?

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If you are finding that your Field Server's first BACnet point is being discovered, but none of the rest are, re-examine your names under Data_Array_Name for typos. If a data array name is defined which is not previously defined in the configuration file (such as do to a typo), the Field Server will try to make a data array on the fly to match the amount of data needed for that map descriptor. HOWEVER, if every subsequent map descriptor uses this same typo'd name, they will result in a Map Descriptor Length greater then Data Array Length error, since the Data Array made on the fly was only made large enough for the first point. This is by far the most common cause of this error.

The Fix is to simply correct your data array name to match the data array name you defined in the data array section whose length is large enough to be used by all of your points.