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What do the QuickServer LEDs indicate?

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The function of the LED lights varies from one QuickServer to another, largely based on the protocols used, but some related general information is as follows:

SPL - This LED indicates a network failure on the Ethernet port. This LED should not be active unless one of our drivers is functioning as a client for an Ethernet based protocol and we are not receiving a response from one or more of the devices we are polling. Be aware, this only indicates a lack of response (such as if the cable was disconnected, the device is offline, or at an IP address other than the one the QuickServer is attempting to access), if the device responds, but responds with an error, this LED should not be active (for most drivers), even though there is still a communications error.

RUN - For all non-LonWorks QuickServers, once the unit has finished booting up, this LED should be slowly blinking green to indicate we are in Run mode. If the unit has power, yet the Run LED is not blinking, this indicates that a critical error has occurred which is preventing the QuickServer from completing the boot process. In this event, please contact Prosoft Technical Support at 661-716-5100. Please note that the LonWorks QuickServers (identified by their green upper serial port, service pin on the top left face of the unit, and the word "LonWorks" directly under QuickServer on the face of the gateway), do not make use of the Run LED in this manner.

ERR - This LED will become active during power up temporarily, but should be off within about 5 seconds. If it does not turn off, or if it comes on at any point during normal operation and remains on, contact Prosoft Tech Support immediately (do not power down the QuickServer). This is indicative of a system error, if it is a minor error it may be resolved with a simple reboot, but if it is a major one, it may require repair of the unit, so a Support Engineer will be needed to help determine the degree of the error.

TX/RX - These LEDs are connected to the R2 serial port (the bottom serial port). The TX light indicates when an electrical signal is transmitted out the port, RX when an electrical signal is detected to have been received. If you are not using a serial protocol, or are using the R1 serial port (the top serial port), these LEDs are not used and should not be active.

PWR - This LED indicates that the QuickServer is receiving power. If this LED is not active, the QuickServer is not receiving sufficient power to function.