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What is the best ProSoft solution for communicating to devices that use the Siemens USS ASCII-based protocol?

MVI56E-GSC or MVI56E-LDM In-Chassis modules are recommended forcommunicating with any ASCII based protocol from a ControlLogix .  Thisassumes knowledge of protocol properties such as command and responsestructures, baud rate, data bits, parity, and other details of theprotoc...

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Where are the on-board jumper positions defined for my MVI module?

On bottom of the circuit board for any MVI products, you' ll find three jumper banks: COM1, COM2, and Setup.Each jumper position is labeled 232, 422 and 485....

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LDM FAQ Q: Do I have to use the virtual machine, or can I compile my applications in my own Linux OS?A: The virtual machine was specially created to allow compiling of applications for this module line, and thus must be used to compile any applications. You can, however, write yo...

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How to compile a C++ project using the sample LDM makefile

Although the samples included with the LDM modules are written in C, it is also possible to compile the C++ code as a C++ project.1) Rename your source code extensions from .cpp to .c (case sensitive!)2) Replace all instances of "gcc" with "g++" in the makefil...

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