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Do ProSoft CompactLogix modules work with the new CompactLogix processors?

The requirements for Prosoft's CompactLogix InRAx modules are: * 1769 I/O bus * 450-800ma @5v from the bus, depending on the MVI module* Placement within 2-4 slots of a CompactLogix power supply, depending on the MVI moduleThe power and Distance Rating (proximity to power supply)...

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PS69DPM and PS69DPS will not work when installed in slot 1 of a 1768-L43 or 1768-L45 processor?

With version 18 and version 19 of RSLogix 5000, and a 1768-L43/45 controller, an issue occurred that the prohibits the PS69-DPM and PS69-DPS modules from operating when installed in Slot 1 of the 1769 bus (directly next to the processor).  The processor fails to make a conne...

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