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Can the MVI56-xx modules be placed in a remote rack?

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Generally, yes. When using ControlNet to access the remote chassis, however, I/O bandwidth limitation may become an issue.

Because the MVI56 modules requires 250 words of inputs, and 248 words of output, the ControlNet bandwidth may not be sufficient to handle this depending on the other I/O module in the remote chassis with the MVI56 module. 

Increasing the RPI in the I/O properties for the module as well as the remote ControlNet adapter tends to help alleviate the problem but a better choice, where available, would be one of our reduced I/O modules which offer a reduced I/O image of 42 words of input, and 42 words of output.

For serial Modbus communications, we offer the MVI56E-MCMR

For Modbus TCP, we offer the MVI56E-MNETR (client/server) and MVI56E-MNETCR (client only)

For DF1 communications, we offer the MVI56-DFCMR, which uses the same I/O size as the MCMR.

For 103M communications, we offer the MVI56-103MR, which uses the same I/O size as the MCMR.

For DH485 communications, we offer the MVI56-DH485R, which uses the same I/O size as the MCMR.

For all other MVI56 modules, if ControlNet bandwidth is an issue, then our recommendation is to include an Ethernet/IP connection to the remote chassis for access to the MVI56 modules.


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