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How do I get my Symbol barcode scanner to work with ProSoft MVIxx-GSC or ProLinx ASCII solutions?

The RS-232 serial ports on most Symbol barcode scanners are RS-232TTL ports. RS-232TTL signal levels are lower than those of RS-232C ports, like the ones used in ProSoft solutions. Therefore, without some kind of adapter to boost the RS-232TTL signals up to RS-232C levels, these ...

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How do I convert ASCII data to a Floating-Point value in a Logix based processor?

ASCII data acquired by the GSC module will be stored in the ReadString SINT (8 bit integer) array.This data can by copied to a string type tag, and then converted to a real (floating-point) value using the RSLogix 5000 STOR function....

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What are the power requirements for the MVI69 CompactLogix modules?

MVI69 modules require 800ma @ 5 volts and have a Distance Rating of 2 (slots from a power supply) MVI69E modules require 500ma @5 volts and have a Distance Rating of 4MVI69L modules require 450ma @ 5 volts and have a Distance Rating of 4The 24v requirements for all of these MVI ...

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Where are the on-board jumper positions defined for my MVI module?

On bottom of the circuit board for any MVI products, you' ll find three jumper banks: COM1, COM2, and Setup.Each jumper position is labeled 232, 422 and 485....

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MicrotLogix processor memory consumption using MVI69-GSC

The standard MVI69-GSC RSLogix 500 sample program for the MicroLogix 1500 controller is a complete program which implements all the features of the MVI69-GSC. This program consumes most of the MicroLogix resources limiting the controller's ability to support other processes.A red...

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