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What causes a conditional command to be issued?

A conditional command is useful when the same value does not need to be written to the end device continuously, but rather on change. A conditional write command is scanned based upon its poll rate (like all other commands).  The difference is that it will not be execut...

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What does a -36 modbus error code indicate?

A negative thirty six (-36) error code is generated when we have successfully connected to a device and issued the device a Modbus request, but it has not responded to the request within the defined response time out period. This is akin to calling some one on the phone, having s...

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How can I configure the module to store and initialize input values on reset or powerup?

You can initialize the input data (ReadData) with cached values from the processor on these In-Chassis modules so that these values do not get reset to 0 during a module reset or powerloss. To do this the parameter labeled "Initialize Input Image" or "Initialize Ou...

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Which ProSoft products can communicate with a Honeywell DCS System?

Most Honeywell DCS Systems support either Serial Modbus or Modbus TCP communication.  If your application involves Rockwell Automation PACs or PLCs than consider one of our In-Chassis modules such as the MVI56E-MCM or the MVI56E-MNET.  If the application is using anothe...

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Why am I getting: Download was successful but Module failed to reboot in 60 seconds

This error is indicative of a backplane issue between the prosoft card and the compact logix PLC.With the MVI69E and MVI69L modbus modules, all of the configuration is stored on the PLC itself, not on the Prosoft card. This means that, unlike with some of our other modules, it is...

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How do I fix the Arithmetic Overflow Error

Older versions of the Prosoft Configuration Builder had a bug that caused the MBTCPUtil Block Index User Defined Data Type to be generated as an INT rather then a DINT, which was not sufficiently large to handle certain calculations. This would occasionally cause a minor Arithmet...

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Using CIP Connect with the Lite (free) Version of RSLinx Classic

Some Prosoft modules, such as the 69E and 69L families, have only the option to use CIP Connect over the backplane for configuration downloads and uploads in the Prosoft Configuration Builder (PCB). Other modules offer CIP Connect as an alternative to connecting directly to the c...

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What is Enron-Daniels mode?

In some of our older Modbus products we had/have a feature called float flag. This feature, which has been renamed to Enron-Daniels mode in most of our newer Modbus products to avoid the misconception that this mode was necessary for accessing floating point values in non-Enron o...

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